Key Colors Webinar

Explore the five Key Colors for S/S 25 with Coloro and WGSN

During a time of continued disruption, volatility, and uncertainty, innovative ideas will be crucial in solving the challenges ahead. Learn about the colors reflecting this significant shift towards strategic imagination in 2025.

Consumers are increasingly anxious in an era of polycrisis and unprecedented global change, so colors that bring a sense of reassurance will have a stronger appeal: comforting dusted pastels and captivatingly tinted darks will be important.

Hear from Coloro and WGSN's experts as they unveil the five Key Colors for S/S 25. Explore why they will resonate with consumers, and how you can use them to stay ahead of the curve.

Experts share:

  • The data behind this years color choices and how it's used to track success 
  • Economic and environmental factors that impact color
  • Color as a transformative tool for a more sustainable future
  • Fluctuations of color selection, from seasonal selection to longevity colors

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Meet the experts:


Caroline Guilbert

Caroline Guilbert

Head of Content, Coloro


Urango Samba

Urangoo Samba

Head of Colour, WGSN


Alan Ruggiero photo bw

Alan Ruggiero

Head of Data Analytics, WGSN


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