Key Colors Webinar


Join experts from WGSN and Coloro to explore the five key colors for A/W 24/25

WGSN and Coloro present their Key Colors for A/W 24/25, which are aligned with influences that will drive consumers, including a focus on wellbeing, creativity, the environment and technology.

As consumers continue to grapple with ongoing economic, political and environmental crises, a sense of uncertainty about the future will remain a dominant force.

Join Coloro and WGSN to discover our five key colors for A/W 24/25, and explore why they will resonate with consumers and how you can use them to stay ahead of the curve.

You will hear about:

- Economic and environmental factors that impact color
- Color as a transformative tool for a more sustainable future
- Fluctuations of color selection, from seasonal selection to longevity colors

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Meet the Experts:


Caroline Guilbert

Caroline Guilbert

Creative Content Lead, Coloro


Urango Samba

Urangoo Samba

Head of Colour, WGSN



Graham Krag

Senior Strategist, Fashion, WGSN


Gemma Riberti

Gemma Riberti

Head of Interiors, WGSN


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